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A devastating magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck Noto Peninsula, Japan, on New Year's Day, 2024. The city of Wajima, known for its traditional lacquerware, has been destroyed by a widespread fire.Many local craftspeople have lost everything. It is a crucial moment for intervention.

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Visit the GoFundMe link below to help save Wajima Lacquerware, Wajima-nuri, from the recent disaster.
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Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fire: A Tragedy Beyond Measure

The disaster didn't just ravage buildings and streets; it shattered the very foundation of the Wajima Lacquerware industry. The local Wajima-lacquerware craftspeople have lost everything, including their homes, workplaces, shops, tools, and years of unfinished and finished masterpieces, all lost in an instant. The once-vibrant Wajima Morning Market, operational for over 1,000 years, now lies in ruins. Many saw their workplace destroyed, and their newly under-construction gallery burned down.

The Critical Need for Intervention

The decreasing population, aging society, and shortage of successors are casting a dark shadow over Wajima's lacquerware industry, renowned for its supreme craftsmanship. This earthquake could be the final blow.

Cultural Importance: Preserving the Intangible

Wajima Lacquerware is more than a traditional art and craft; it's an Intangible Cultural Property of Japan, dating back more than 400 years. It involves more than 100 meticulous production steps. Originally, it was commonly used as household lacquerware for important ceremonial occasions due to its solid and sturdy nature. Today, it has developed more artistic connotations, thanks to the decorating techniques with graceful gold and silver designs.

Help us carry on the Legacy of Craftsmanship.

Process of making Wajima-Nuri

We're on GoFundMe

Visit the GoFundMe link below to help save Wajima Lacquerware from the recent disaster.

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Where will the funds go?: We are actively searching for credible recipients who can best utilize the funds to restore the tradition and culture of Wajima Lacquerware. We'd like to send the funds to those who have a strong, direct influence on the industry such as 輪島漆器商工業協同組合
We'll strive to be the most transparent fundraiser for the Ishikawa Earthquake.

Is Japan Supported on GoFundMe?: No, Japan is not currently supported on GoFundMe. Our plan is to initiate the fundraiser in the US, and then the organizer will personally deliver the funds to the beneficiary in Japan. This process is somewhat complex, particularly how the funds are being handled. That is why we haven't yet set up and started the GoFundMe fundraiser.

How Else Can I Support?: Spreading awareness through social media, word-of-mouth is a fantastic form of support! Additionally, please send us a note if you are interested in directly participating in or contributing to this project.

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Process of making Wajima-Nuri

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